Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saving money on a Christmas tree

By November, we stopped the hard labor and began the dreaming. We are looking at house plans incessantly, trying to figure out what style, size, and type of home we would like to build.  We are not on the same page exactly, but we're in the same chapter anyway. 

As the holidays were creeping up on us, we did one last chore and thinned a stand of five little fir trees down to three and brought one home for us and one for the neighbors.

These trees were too close together, so we harvested one for the Christmas tree

 We also had a little fun while we were up there.

Snowy view

Porcupines do not hibernate

BEST Christmas tree ever!

It might not happen next year, but maybe by 2017 we could be celebrating amongst those trees instead of bringing them off the mountain.

For now, we'll take our survey, play with house plans, and figure out what needs to happen next.

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