Saturday, February 6, 2016

37 piles

The first snows fall at 8000 in mid October around the Wild West.  It was time to do a final clean-up day.

D explaining how to cut down a tree

Me doing the work.

The next 37 pictures are piles of wood and brush.  Sorry for the lack of Instagram-quality content, but I wanted to inventory what we did this year.  Add to these 37 piles, two large pick-up loads and a large trailer load of wood that we sold, about 15 brush piles that the fire department chipped for us after the AmeriCorp work, and about three pickup loads that were pilfered by a Wild West neighbor.  With the AmeriCorp hours we have logged almost 200 hours of work, mostly hard labor, on the property.  

The area we want to build is pretty well clear of dead fall and the trees have been limbed up somewhat, and we have cleared dead fall from quite a bit of the land down to the road to create defensible fire space, but we could easily spend another entire season cleaning up.  We'll call this good for the year.


so rotten

big one!

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