Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fall progress

We did nothing on the property until September.  Nothing. We didn't even visit until our anniversary in July.  There was that other thing we were doing all spring and summer that took all our time. We also did some big house projects at our current house.

But since September, we've been continuing to clear trees and dream. We met with the Architectural Control Committee for the HOA in mid-September, talked with the county planning department about our plans to build not within one of the building envelopes on the plat, and had an engineering firm design a driveway.  The modular home builder we want to use said the lot was too steep and didn't want to take on our project, but we pressed on and met with their transportation engineer and they agreed it can work.  We now have a preliminary floor plan.

Here are some pictures from this fall. It sure is pretty up there.

This was the pattern inside the trunk of a shrub we cut down. :-)

The Toyota is a good little truck!

We positioned a game camera in a couple of spots.

Just browsing

Elk butt!

Nice rack

The real work starts next week. Stay tuned.