Saturday, January 23, 2016

Let's turn a profit, shall we?

Finally, we're starting to see some real, visible progress. Our brush and cut dead wood piles are really large.  


That was a very large diameter tree!
It's a shame some of this wood is so rotted as to be unusable as fuel, but there is plenty that will burn. 

She likes to sort the piles into like sizes.

I put an ad in the local online classifieds to sell any wood we could. (How much wood would a ...) 

This man came twice ...

and paid cash.

Obviously, we have come no where near turning a profit on this land, as the title of this post would suggest, but the wood sales put a dent in the sizable depression in our checking account that the chainsaw and brush cutter purchases created. It also helps to show that we are working the property, as opposed to sitting and holding it, in case that ever figures into our tax situation.

We occasionally see some wildlife.  The animals must know the residents of Wild West Acres are harmless, as they don't run very fast or far when approached.


We heard there was a disease affecting aspen this year, which would explain why the leaves on our trees are spotted or already brown and falling by late August.  It was also quite a dry summer.

8/29/2015 and the aspen leaves are brown

Next up: action videos.

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